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 WiTe Lottery - Weekly Event

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Cella Dwella

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WiTe Lottery - Weekly Event Empty
PostSubject: WiTe Lottery - Weekly Event   WiTe Lottery - Weekly Event EmptyMon Aug 08, 2011 3:42 pm

We will start with a weekly lottery on Monday 15 august 2011, its a fun & easy way to earn some money.

This is how it works:

- You will need to fill in your ingame name & your numbers on the weekly forum thread that will follow. This counts as a ticket. Example: Cella Dwella: 15, 22, 46.

- A ticket is used and is necessary to participate in the lottery.

- You are limited to 5 numbers per draw.

- Each number costs 1k.

- You will need to pick a number from 1-100.

- It’s not allowed to pick a number that’s already chosen. Please look at the thread history to see which numbers have already been selected.

- The prize will be determined by how many people participate and by how many numbers they buy. Example: 10 people participate and they purchase five numbers each. The prize, also known as the pot, would be 50k.

- 10% of the pot will be given to the WiTe storage account to sponsor guild runs & guild events.

- On Saturday (hour will be determined), all of the participants who purchased tickets shall meet at the guild hall to witness the WiTe Lottery rolling the dice. (/roll 100)

- If no winning number is rolled, we will continue to roll until a winner is determined.

- The money will be held on the storage account of the WiTe Lottery.

- Everyone can participate and witness the rolling of the dice.

- If you had purchased a ticket, it would be very helpful for you to show up at the guild hall. However, we understand that you may be unable to and therefore if you are the winner of the weekly lottery, Matt shall get in contact with you.

- You can make payment to Matt (Prince of F U R Y) or me (Cella Dwella). **Remember to pay before the rolling. If you didnt pay u can't win the lottery!**

- Nobody is forced to participate.

Good Luck all!

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WiTe Lottery - Weekly Event
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