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 Old Ass City

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Atlantis Mage

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PostSubject: Old Ass City    Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:40 pm

Guys I just heard from a freind in the aliance that archiologists have discovered a City, well its been known for about 20 yrs but they just now finaly found a way to date the city cuz previous attempts to carbon date the Flint stones its build out of is nearly impossible to carbon date cuz of its atomic structure. Anyways this city 25 39' 22.42" S / 30 17' 03.25" E is over 200,000 yrs old. Its the oldest known and recorded civilization ever found on earth. History teachers are going to have to rewrite their history books because of it and also the last 1 millian years of human evolution. Dont get me wrong, im christian myself. They determined the age of the city by the positions of the stars cuz of a Calender of stones laid out mark in the sky in certain seasons where older constelations used to be 200,000+ yrs ago and judging on the positions now its estimated to be around 210-220,000 yrs old. 3x older than the great stone Henge.
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PostSubject: Re: Old Ass City    Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:01 pm

Wow bill that is really interesting! I never would have known that! Where did you hear this?
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Atlantis Mage

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PostSubject: Re: Old Ass City    Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:53 pm

I heard it from a freind whos in our aliance and he showed me the cordinates and i checked it out and did some research on it. He wasnt lieing either. Its true, and now just recently i learned of another Ruin found a while ago but still amazing, on Google earth. A guy 3 years ago found a city thats at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean from chip sonar records off the west coast of Africa 18,000 ft deep. Here are the cordinates for the city, they have yet to excivate.

31°20'5.52"N 24°21'24.20"W Theres a second City to the north east as well and Roads leading to it. Sonar has indicated walls 100" high or more stretching for 200-300 miles in perfect strate lines, Criss crossing each other like they were for a massive city fortress. Im thinking in my opinian this is the Fabled City of Atlantis. They have been preparing for years to go down there to excivate it but the cost to do this is high, running in the millians per week to run boating and submersibles that can go that deep. Its extremely difficult in the conditions of the atlantic ocean as well. Heavy currents coming off the near by island chain make it difficult to get there as well. IF this is indeed Atlantis, then its nearly 10-20,000 yrs old and would have massive amounts of silt on it. Also, this would rewrite all history books as well. Puting to rest all those would be faggot sceptics of every kind.

Just look at the city they just discovered off Okniawa in 1995. Its a city they dated before the great Ice Age, that has perfect right angles in the rocks under 60ft of ocean that they long forgot and didnt even know about. It is thought to be a lost city in legend of the Sea God shit er what ever "cant remember the name" Look up videos on youtube of the Okinawa city ruins under water. Its insane. 65,000+ yrs old stone structures that are made of rock that only diamond can cut... second hardest natural rock in nature and only diamond and weathering can cut. How the hell did they make this city and secondly, that was when we supposivly thought Cave Men were at their infincy. WTF?
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PostSubject: Re: Old Ass City    

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Old Ass City
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