A Guild Wars guild centered around various speed clears.
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 Naffa's Application (I moved it)

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Naffa's Application (I moved it) Empty
PostSubject: Naffa's Application (I moved it)   Naffa's Application (I moved it) EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 7:59 pm

Nathan and im 18
wanting to join a big loyal scing guild to have some fun with and do some scs with
i have a working headset and i can download raidcall
assassin: naffa the silent
luxon rank 8 almost 9
max in all norn, asuran, delver and ebon vanguard rank 7 in lightbringer 7 in sunspear but can max out if i wanted to
access to all elite areas
i can do all roles in fowsc but not too exp in T2
i only know sos in uwsc but want to learn all the roles for uwsc and im willing to put the time into learning
urgoz and deep im not too exp in either but i can do them both
i can nearly do all roles in all eye of the north dungeon sc's
i can pley any hours im on every day and on around 14-17 hours a day
on this account i have played 64 months but this is my second account cos my first got hacked so i had to replace it
BGW was my last guild and i left because the leader asked me to be co-leader and the co-leader at the time didnt like it and made a thing about it so i left because i dont like too much confrontation
if i missed anything out pm me on naffa the silent thats my main toon
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Naffa's Application (I moved it) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naffa's Application (I moved it)   Naffa's Application (I moved it) EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 8:11 pm

nice expirience, deffinatly could use some more roles in uwsc but those can be learned easily & we have people trained in all so teaching shouldnt be a problem. ill give ya a +1 due to the mass exp in dungeon sc'ing
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Naffa's Application (I moved it)
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