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 Ieuan app

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PostSubject: Ieuan app   Ieuan app EmptyThu Mar 22, 2012 9:39 pm

Hi my name is Ieuan and im 16 years old

im from england, my dad is from england too, but my mum is from wales, i love football and other sports

i would like to join a guild thats exp and good, i can offer help and teach

i dont i have i would change that

Ieuan Hutchy


Kurzick 4

asuran 7

delver 5

vanguard 4

norn 5

lightbringer 3

sunspear 7

i have lots of exp in fowsc and uwsc but i would like to learn doasc

ive never done HA or GVG, not sure how to check pvp ranks

yes i would, i probably would be a good daggers

i play 5-7 hours on thursdays and fridays but sometimes 1 or 2 hours in other days

ive played for 13 months i have screen but dont no how to show

ive been in LaG, HIH and others i left because they didnt do enough uwsc for my liking

do u have ally?

thx for reading hope u like it

In-game name: Ieuan Hutchy
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PostSubject: Re: Ieuan app   Ieuan app EmptyThu Mar 22, 2012 9:43 pm

Well Ieuan, it doesn't seem like much effort was put into this application. You only gave the character mapping for your assassin. You haven't answered most of the questions fully, I have no clues what areas you do in anything or what you have access to. Unless you take some more time on the app, I don't think you would make it in the guild with what you seem to know.

-1 from me, re-app sorry man Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Ieuan app   Ieuan app EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 11:47 pm

Agreed with Fury, sorry man.
X Fleeting Raven X
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PostSubject: Re: Ieuan app   Ieuan app Empty

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Ieuan app
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