A Guild Wars guild centered around various speed clears.
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PostSubject: James   James EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 4:03 pm

Sorry for this being kind of late, I was trying it before but my internet kept crashing, I've finally got the time now, though.

1. What is your first name and how old are you?

James, 17.

2. Tell us a little about yourself. Don't worry, we can handle it.

Chill guy, very much enjoy playing GW, and a great learner for SCs I don't already know.

3. Why do you want to join our guild? And what do you have to offer?

I talked with a few of you, very very cool people, and I definintely would like to join you all. I am a very good SCer and a very fast learner, also very dedicated.

4. Do you have Raidcall downloaded and a working headset? If no to either, are you willing to change that?

I do not have Raidcall, and I do have a headset. More than willing to download Raidcall.

5. Please list your character names and ranks, as well as campaigns completed and elite areas they have access to.

Assassin - James The Sinner
Kurzick/Luxon: R8 Luxon
Asuran: R8
Delver: R5
Ebon Vanguard: R6
Norn: R6
Lightbringer: R5
Sunspear: R6
Access DoA: Yes
Access FoW/UW from ToA: Yes
Access Slavers' Exile: Yes

Ritualist - Katharine Ritualist
Kurzick/Luxon: R8 Luxon
Asuran: R0
Delver: R0
Ebon Vanguard: R0
Norn: R0
Lightbringer: R0
Sunspear: R0
Access DoA: No
Access FoW/UW from ToA: Yes
Access Slavers' Exile: Yes

6. What Elite Areas/ Dungeon do you know or want to learn?

a) What is your experience in FoW?

MT/T1/T2/EoE/VoS (Have done MoP and UA, but no characters for them atm)

b) What is your experience in UW?

SoS (Have played all terra roles but T1, but it has been almost a year since)

c) What is your experience in Urgoz?

I've run Monk, Nec, Rit, Mes. (Although I don't have any of them right now)

d) What is your experience in the Deep?

Monk, Nec, Rit, Mes, Ranger. (Do not have any of them right now though)

e) What is your experience in any/all EotN dungeons?

Have done Oola/Kath/Rragar/Ooze/CoF/Soo/Bog/Raven/Fmaw/Dragrimmar/Darkrime/Slavers

7. Do you have any experience in HA or GvG? What are you PvP ranks?

None at the moment, but would absolutely LOVE to start playing more PvP.

8. Would you be willing to commit to a core GvG team that is attempting to get a gold trim cape? What role would you be best suited for?

Sure as hell would, I prefer melee players. I'm not a great monk, and have a hard time hitting interrupts with ranger and mesmers.

9. How many hours per day do you play? Days per week? What is your timezone?

Can play anywhere from 1-10 hours a day, 7 days a week. EST

10. How long have you played this game? Please show a screen with /age in it.

James Aaaaaa10

11. What guilds have you been in previously and what are you reasons for leaving/ being kicked?

[DL] [NAP] [GaMe] [wvw] . I left DL because I had no interest in the uptight way they played, I'm more layed back and prefer to have fun over grinding SCs. NAP was my previously owned guild in which I left for DL, wasn't a big guild, but was a very good SC guild in Jaden's alliance (cant remember the tag, [Jade] I think.) GaMe was too immature for me, and there were too many kids yelling into their mics in vent. It became a headache so I left. I was in the Raven alliance over 3 years ago, and worked my way to officer while there. I enjoyed them very much for general PvE, but once I started doing SCs I went for a more SC-based guild. There are many more guild I have been in, but most of them aren't as prevelant or I cannot remember them.

12. Trolololol?


13. If there is anything else you want us to know, please tell us here.

Nothing else right now, if you'd like to ask me something feel free to.

14. Do you have any questions for us?

Nope ^_^ I hope to join you all soon.

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James Empty
PostSubject: Re: James   James EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 5:05 pm

Decent app James, glad to see your internet worked in your favor this time. Character development is a little poor, something that should be fixed soon. As we do require you having access and experience to multiple roles. Although one thing that confused me was your ritualist. In order to have access to Slaver's Exile you must have beaten Eye of the North expansion on that specific character, which would for sure grant rank 3 in all areas. Considering you don' t have any ranks, it was just a question that concerned me.

Decent app, +1 for trialing with the guild. Although we might postpone the trial until you can build up your characters. I will talk to my officers about this.
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James Empty
PostSubject: Re: James   James EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 7:20 pm

Oh, I didn't know slavers isnt accessible without beating it, in that case I don't have it. Sorry about that.
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James Empty
PostSubject: Re: James   James EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 11:46 pm

Hey james its Fleeting, I reviewed your app and was impressed besides your character development. I hope that we could see some improvement before your trials.
+1 for trials.
X Fleeting Raven X
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PostSubject: Re: James   James Empty

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