A Guild Wars guild centered around various speed clears.
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 The Assassanist - Application

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The Assa

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PostSubject: The Assassanist - Application   The Assassanist - Application EmptySat Apr 07, 2012 5:18 am

1. What is your first name and how old are you? - Mads and I'm 20 years old - 27/11/91

2. Tell us a little about yourself. Don't worry, we can handle it. Not much to say, I'm a simple guy with the interrest of testing my skills in Solo dungeon runs/Speed clears and other elite areas.

3. Why do you want to join our guild? And what do you have to offer? I wan't to join your guild cause i want to expand my own field of experience in elite areas.

4. Do you have Raidcall downloaded and a working headset? If no to either, are you willing to change that? Never heard of it, but sure i'll get it (I got a fine working headset with staticless mic)

5. Please list your character names and ranks, as well as campaigns completed and elite areas they have access to. (For ALL of your characters).

I only play on one character - The Assassanist. 100% Completed Canthan* - Vanquished/Protector/Guardian/100% Cartographer
*=I need skillhunter Embarassed

Prophecies - Protector/18 of 25 Guardian/

Nightfall - Not a fan of it, only gotten to Vabian area for the armor.

Profession - Character Name The Assassanist - Assassin/Any
Kurzick/Luxon: (whichever is highest) 5 of Luxon
Asuran: 10
Delver: 10
Ebon Vanguard: 8
Norn: 6
Lightbringer: N/A I don't play Nightfall
Sunspear: N/A
Access DoA: N/A
Access FoW/UW from ToA: Yes.
Access Slavers' Exile: Yes.

6. What Elite Areas/ Dungeon do you know or want to learn?

a) What is your experience in FoW? Used to do the "old" Fowsc as perma-tank
b) What is your experience in UW? Used to do the "old" uwsc as pits/planes/Lab/mountains.
c) What is your experience in Urgoz? Nope
d) What is your experience in the Deep? Nope (C-C-Combo)
e) What is your experience in any/all EotN dungeons? Completed them all on normal mode. I solo run Dragrimmer/Delves/Ooze/Kath on HM

7. Do you have any experience in HA or GvG? What are you PvP ranks? Rank 1 Hero (30 points) - I fail at pvp.

8. Would you be willing to commit to a core GvG team that is attempting to get a gold trim cape? What role would you be best suited for? You'll NEVER get a golden trimmed cape with me on your team.. So i won't commit - i fail at pvp.

9. How many hours per day do you play? Days per week? What is your timezone? around 1-8 hours aday. I fail at those timezones.. ehhm 1hour ahead of London. Embarassed

10. How long have you played this game? Please show a screen with /age in it. The Assassanist - Application Gw003k 2346hours.

11. What guilds have you been in previously and what are you reasons for leaving/ being kicked? I've been in ALOT of guilds, but it's rarely i stay for a long time.. I only stay if i find interrest in the guild.

12. Trolololol? Beyond your imagination.. Wink

13. If there is anything else you want us to know, please tell us here. Basketball <-- This guy is utterly bad at basketball. Nuff said.

14. Do you have any questions for us? WHY is this guy so bad at basketball?
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The Assassanist - Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Assassanist - Application   The Assassanist - Application EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 3:06 am

Very nice application, you seem to know a decent amount, although i think our guild will be able to expand your knowledge quite a bit. Sorry for the late reply, internet has been down. Ill let my officers know about your app. You should hear from us soon Smile

+1 from me
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The Assassanist - Application
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